Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Relations to Poles and Germans

And any Poles, did anybody help out? Offering?

Not me, not that I know of.

Ghetto, during the ghetto?


No, nothing.

But my... I'm sure there were.

Did you have any Polish friends in Łódź?

Not really.

Patrons of the bakery?

No, we had a bakery and all the Jewish... Actually, like a ghetto, it was a Jewish ghetto, you know. There were very few, the only guy that might have been Polish in the building was the, the, the janitor. And the few workers that we had in the bakery used to come in and work, they were... We had two of 'em were German.


And they were better to us when the war started than the Pole who worked for us. We had a Pole working for us, worked for us as long as I remember. The first thing after we came in when the war started, he said I'm going to take this whole thing over. He didn't, but he... He couldn't. The Germans wouldn't let him.

Do you mind if I ask you, I noticed you have a Polish woman working in your house. Given when you just told me...

Have I hate? No, I don't have any hate for them. No...


...none whatsoever. Not even the Germans. Not even for the Germans. I hate the... How can I hate the, the offspring of the guys, you know, it's not their fault, their guilt. You cannot uh, the guilt of the fathers to put on the children.

For that would be them.

Well, I mean, that's how I feel. I was--by the way I was liberated with ???, the same day.

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