Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Relationship with guards

Did you ever talk to any of the guards?

Lots of times.

The German.

Some of them. Not to them, but some of them. There were some of them that never talk to you. But you know the ones that start a conversation with you. There were some older guys. Don't forget that toward the end of the war, this was 'til the end of the war, that the young ones were in the war and they, and they started to, to replace the young, the young ones with older people. And we could have guards that were sixty years old.

So it was easier...

It was very hard for them to, to see what was going on, but they still did, did it anyway.

But was it easier to have such reserves than it was to have the original guards?

Oh much ea...sure. They, they treated you better...

They did?

...if they could, if they could.

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