Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Ghetto street life

What was it like to walk down the street in the ghetto?

Walk down the street?


It was like walking in any other street except seeing corpses around you.

You did.

Yeah. And after that, they didn't have horses or anything else, they had little wagons with people pulling and, and picking up uh, corpses, throwing them on, on the wagon and keep going with it.

And take to the...

it's inde...indescribable.

cemetery here, right?

Yeah. It was indescribable. In the beginning of the ghetto we had a kind of a different kind of life, you know, because it wasn't like it, it was already. Because we had a, uh, like, I graduated school, it was in the ghe...the ghetto was still going in the school in the beginning. I mean, the school was still going in the ghetto in the beginning. We tried to keep everything like normal. We had meeting and one of the kids, you know, they were going to school. We had orchestras. I'll never forget uh, listening to the Mendelssohn's Symphony, you know.

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