Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Mother and brother in hiding

You said your mother and your baby brother hid in an oven.

Yeah at that time that oven was not in, in uh, action anymore. The bakery was closed up. Because once the, the government took over the bakeries, they only picked uh, out, out of maybe fifty bakeries, they only kept open twenty, that was it, you know.

So did the rest of you ever hide in the oven?

No, just them, because we weren't afraid of what, I told you, only the people that are uh, they figured that uh, Musselmens, you know, they looked like they're not going to live too long, sick people. If you were sick and you couldn't produce for them, that was the end of you.

And children.

And children. So that was, uh...

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