Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005


And did your brother and...

My brother also. My sister worked in a resort.


I would call it a, a, a place of work. They used to call it resort. But uh, a textile place.

A textile.

Yeah. And even my little brother was even working. Everybody that could work used, used to work.

And the other two adopted children also.

Right, one of them, my, my uh, oldest one, they were one of the adopted brothers, you know, he signed up, they were, they were signing up for labor camps to go, and things were so bad he signed up to go to a labor camp, not knowing what expected. And then later on I heard he died in the camp, he was working on, on building the uh, the Autobahns.

Do you know where he was?

No, after the war pro...after the war I knew ??? what is was.

Slave labor.

Slave labor, right.

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