Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Violence against Jews

So you just...

And we, we were just uh, so, you know, down beaten that, you know, uh, it, it wasn't kinda modern Jews. All kinda, all time for Jews that they, they knew the times come they beat up on you and they let you beat up on them.

Were there people being beaten on the streets?

Oh quite, quite often.


Beards every...well, not in Poland, not in Poland, not before the war. It wasn't that bad.

This is already after the war.

Because what you're talking about beards and everything else was at the end of the war.

And do you remember...

They, if you have a beard, you know, make, make you uh, to the floor. And, and, and the thing is, you know, I, myself, have blue eyes, blonde hair, you know. I could very easily uh, go as an Aryan. But then there was always a, a, a Pole that knew me, might have seen me. They used to yell at a German soldier since they didn't understand German, but they knew one word, Jude. Say Jude, and the German all he had to come back and say, put your pants down.


So, you know, that was a, a...

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