Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Attitudes toward ghetto

I'm curious about the details of this. You were, before you went into the ghetto the orders came that you had to move.

Little by little order, the orders, they weren't given uh, by mouth, they were...

They were posted.


Okay. So what did you thinking, what were people saying in your house? Did anybody...

There's not much you can say.

Among yourselves did you talk about it?

There's not much can say, when you had--you just knew you had to do it. So did you ever hear the, the, the, the, the saying, it was very famous, you know, when, when the, what I was talking about with National Socialists they used to attack Jewish stores or, or somebody was coming. So there was a very uh, famous saying, ???. If you know what that means, ???-- save yourself. ??? means in Polish, you know, save yourself. ??? It means, save yourself, do whatever you want, just, just go save yourself.

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