Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Extended Family

How many people moved in?


And how many people moved into there?

Well, all, the whole, the Jewish population.

I mean when you moved into your relatives house?

Well, there were, like, my whole family and then uh, Franka's whole family lived in the apartment.

And how large was the apartment?

Uh, at that time was a larger apartment. But...

So were there fourteen people at this point?

Oh there were more, you know. My, my cousin uh, Franka had about four brothers and they were very fortunate, so was I in that I survived with some family. The ??? family, a brother and a sister, and they also survived, three sisters survived. None of the boys survived. My cousin Franka Charlupski, Mala Dorfman...

And Rosa.

And Rosa Shamberg.

How many relatives do you think, you know, extended family, first cousins...

We uh, were, like I say, we were very, very fortunate.

How many total did you have?

Because we had a, hundreds of, uh... I had a, I had an uncle Shopsa that had nine children, none of them survived.

And how many...

He was the only that survived the war from the other part of the family.

So how many did survive from your family?

From my family we have about three, three uh, combined number about four, about ten cousins, which was uh, highly unusual. I bet you every time you hear it, you know, you get the chills.


It's unbelievable, you know. I mean, you get hardened, you know, but. No matter what.

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