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Larry Wayne - 2005


But that was pre-ghetto.

That was pre-ghetto. Once in the ghetto, you know, it's, it didn't matter. You know, everybody had to wear stars and everything. But in the ghetto you couldn't get out, you were just uh, closed up.

And that was in Bałuty, right.



Bałuty, Bałuty it was called, yeah. That was kind of a run down section before the war. It was called the run down section.

Did you live there before the war?

No. I lived in ??? city.

How did you get from one place?

Well, we had relatives, you probably know them now. Uh, Franka Charlupski and Mala Dorfman and...

They lived in Bałuty.

Yeah, they lived in Bałuty.

But who told?

On Limanowskiego.

Tell me.

And we moved in with them.

[looking at a map] Pretty small.

Yeah, it's all right, I got, we can find it. At least there was a main street. That's where the, it was going the, the, the town, like, was going to... I just want to see where I am.

Here it is.

Yeah, right here. Limanowskiego. That's where the bridges were and the, and the, and the, the tramlines used to go.

And there were bridges, right?

Yeah. On the right here was a bridge. And right by us there was a bridge. I used to live right here.

What's the other street? Organizacji?

??? Lotnicza, Szewska, Blacharska, Organizacji ??? Limanowskiego.

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