Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005


Do you remember, were there any political discussions? I mean, there was a Bund, the Zionist movement.

Sure. The, the Bundists were as anti-Jewish as anybody else. They were anti-Israel. The Bundists don't, don't--didn't believe in God, religious, whichever, you know, and everybody should be free and do whatever they want to. And they were just as, we have enemies of Israel today, they never believed in a, in a Israel. Say that's a dream, it's nothing. That were the Bundists. The socialism.

And the Communists?

And the Communists for sure, they were completely...they did worse even than the Bund, you know. The Bund let you live with somebody else, the Communists didn't want anybody.

So was there a Zionist Party as well?

Yes, yes, yes. I was myself in a, in a, a Zionist organization called Gordonia It came from somebody's name, Gordon. You know, we got the name who it was. And uh, uh...

Are you...

And most ??? all, all ??? go to Israel.

But you lived in a modern orthodox community.

Yes, yes.

And were there religious Jews in favor of Zionism?

Yes, yes.

So they were...

No, there was a same mixture not that we have today but at that time very orthodox and only believed that uh, the Jews can only go to Israel through, through God, uh, God's intervention.

The Messiah.

Right. Messiach ???


And otherwise that uh, said what you're not going to get for yourself, nobody will get it for you.

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