Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Larry Wayne - 2005

Life before the war

And the rest of your family, what were they doing?

Well we had the bakery at home. My father...

So the children worked in the bakery.

Yeah, I worked, I was going to school and working the bakery, doing both. Used to get up sometimes four o'clock in the morning, deliver bread and then go--come home and have breakfast and go to school. One of the biggest arguments my mother and my father always had is, you know, to make me a baker and not spend money going to private schools.

Ah, your mother's dream.



And my, my mother was--not that my father wasn't, my mother was a wonderful woman--a very hard conscious, you know. From my youngest years I used to go to theater, opera, symphonies. I can remember, like, six, seven, eight years old my mother used to take me. Since, like I say, I was the pride.

So the other children didn't go. It was just you were the...

No. I was the one.

yeah, the chosen one.


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