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Rose Wagner - August 14, 2002


Do you do that here too? Have you done that?

Do you know what, my husband--I do, I invite my kids, but it's getting harder. My daughter had four children. The doctor has four kids. And now with, my niece is coming from Israel, her son is here with another, with another son...

So it's hard to do Shabbat.

Right. And then uh, then Renee with her two kids. So I break up. Uh, in fact my, my niece is coming from Israel tomorrow.

Oh your sister's daughter.

My sister's daughter is coming here, to the party. So she's coming tomorrow and I'm making a dinner, a Shabbat dinner friday night. So I'm having like, what, seventeen people? But Cindy's not coming. Cindy and Lou, they're not coming because they have, they made some kind of arrangements.

Um, and when you do those dinners, the holidays and Shabbat, do you think about Łódź sometimes?

I, I love it. My husband doesn't. Not that he doesn't enjoy it.

But does the memory come back?

The memory comes back


Of home, definitely.

And your husband is a religious, right? He doesn't...

No, no, he's tradition, you know.



Is he also from Łódź?

No, he's from Czenstochow. He did this for Spielberg. They were five children at home. He was the only one that survived.

Well, I should talk to him next.

Yeah, but you did already.

It's different. Um, we'll talk about that maybe later. Um, do you think it's a good thing to talk about this?

Not really.

Doesn't make you feel good does it?

No, not really. I didn't want to do it for the Spielberg. My son is driving me crazy to do it.

Um, well...

But I guess it's okay.

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