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Rose Wagner - August 14, 2002


When you see something, is there anything that you see you know, on a regular basis that suddenly brings back the memory for you. Train? Uh, uh, a shower? Anything like that?

When I am with my family you know, I have aunts--she's not really my aunt, she's a sister to my aunt--when I'm with her and she shows me the pictures. What happened she came from Auschwitz to Łódź and she lived in ŁódźShe didn't come to the United States. And she had a Polish friend and she gave whatever she owned, pistols, pictures, he took it for her and he kept it.

And she got it back.

And she got everything back. In fact, she gave me a couple things.

Do you have any pictures?

I have one picture, yes. But not from my parents, not one. From my other family, but not from my parents. So when--in fact, I was just in California. I went to a Bar Mitzvah there and, and we reminisce and we talked about it. I love to talk to her because she remembers everything.

Life in Łódź.

Yeah. From my family and she remembers when my uncle got married. My uncle--she is my father's brother's wife sister. She's ninety-two today but her mind is better than mine. She's unbelievable, un...unbelievable. She was a lawyer in home, in ŁódźAnd she came to this, she came to Israel in 1957. She stayed in Łódź until 1957. She came to Israel. And from Israel they decided to come to the United States. So when I am there and then there are cousins there. So we really--I lo...I love to go to California and to be...

To be with family.

To be there because they know so much about, about my family, about my parents, about my aunts. So and--so now in fact my daughter's having a Bat Mitzvah the 31st of this month, end of this month.

Mazel tov.

Thank you.

Um, you said that Friday nights were special, right?

Friday night was special.

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