Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Miriam Troostwyk - May 28, 1998 and June 3, 1999


Uh-huh. Public school?

Yes. Um, the first six grades you have in Holland is a little bit different than here, that's the public school.

What do you remember about it's...

It was not a Jewish school, it was--there was not a Jewish school too in that time. It was for everybody and it was very nice and not far from us.

So there wasn't a separate cheder as well? You didn't go to a separate Jewish school? Like after school, you didn't go...

Yes, on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning.

What do you remember about the public school?

The public school? I hated to go to school when I was a small girl. Uh, I didn't go to uh, kindergarten. I was very spoiled with love at home.


And because I was the youngest, it was a big difference between uh, twenty years old, that was my sister and I felt very happy to be close to my parents. And uh, and I had a little uh, neighbor girl. She just wrote me a letter for my birthday. I know her since I was two and a half or three years old and we...

Also Jewish?


No, oh.

They had the big, big butcher shop and uh, they had five or six children. And I--and she was my best girlfriend until now. She knows my whole family.

So you had non-Jewish friends?


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