Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Miriam Troostwyk - May 28, 1998 and June 3, 1999

Knowledge of Camps

Do you know if they were put in--they weren't put in camps were they or were they?

There are a lot of men who were in a working camp, but the two couples we know, that was an elderly couple with uh, with their daughter and they got married in the war uh, the daughter with somebody and they were not in a camp. Maybe they came already in '39, and that I don't know exactly.

Did you know about those camps--I mean the Dutch camps?

Well, there was a working camp for men. It was uh, near Westerbork, it was some sort of....

Uh, yeah, Westerbork.

It was here somewhere--here.

Yeah, here we go. There's Westerbork.

Yeah. and here somewhere was, um.

And the other one was.

A camp--I know somebody after the war who was always in that camp...

But it wasn't Vught?

before the war.

They didn't go--the other place was Vught.

My, my people--my family from Amsterdam, with the Razzias in the war, they had to go to Vught.

Oh, really?

Yes. They were in Vught, then after Vught, they sent them to Auschwitz.

So some of your family went to Auschwitz, well...

They all went to Auschwitz.

They all did, okay. Uh, let, let me take you back...


a little bit to, to, to child--you went to school in Amersfoort, yes?


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