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Helen Stransky - January 31, 2008

Kindertransport II

So you--had you ever heard of Nicholas Winton before, before the...

No, that didn't come up until I was in Israel and that was through another Kindertransport lady called Inga Sadan. You never heard of her? She had a Kindertransport newspaper that was published here in, in Israel and her sister Bertha, Bertha Leverton headed up the Kindertransport in England and they sent papers and anybody that was ??? that were saved from the Holocaust--there were about ten thousand of us, did you know this? Um, it was in that newspaper--not all the ten thou...but the people that came to Israel. We kept in touch with each other for about ten years. Inga Sadan headed that up. She's retired since and many of us have died. Um, and her sister Bertha Leverton headed, headed it up in London.

Do you remember if your parents took you to the train station?

No. I don't remember that. I remember being on the train...

On the train, what was that like for a...


...four year old, five year old child?

Sort of scary. I, I, I just remember miles and miles of train but I don't remember--I only remember when we disembarked in Liverpool that I was hungry and they found out that I had sandwiches and all on my back. I wasn't aware of it.

So, was there an adult that watched over you?

An adult that watched over all these children. Um, there--did I show you the paper about the--our Kindertransport? Just stop it for now. Oh, this is it. This is the page that Nicholas Winton had that they found in his attic and our names on it. But I mean, it was pages and pages and pages and he wasn't aware of it or he, he um, I met him later on.

Did you?


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