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Helen Stransky - January 31, 2008

Life Before the War

What did your father do?

My father--it was actually my grandfather had the wealth but my father um, I think he was in real estate. Not only that but he had a factory of um, small uh, zipper parts--that small kind of zinc factory. My--he also led a chamber music orchestra. He played violin and cello and uh, piano. He was very good on piano. My mom um, she was willed a glass factory from her father. He died about 1936 and he had forests in Bohemia. Um, a uh, that, that--brick works fac...my grandmother had a brick works factory. Um, they--I don't remember all the things but they were very well off. They had a glass factory which they left to my mom.

Was it a religious family?

Um, my mom I think was religious; my father not at all.

So, were there Friday night dinners then?

I don't remember.

Um, did you get any...

I think they were more secular than anything.

Secular like most Czech Jews I think.


So they were very much assimilated would you say?

My father was and his family but I don't know...

Grandparents too?

My grandpar...Paula Stransky, yeah, to my knowledge.

Uh, you know I forgot to ask you what was your maiden name?

No, I never married so...

Never married so Stransky was your...

Yeah, my...


...my mother's maiden name was Weinman. Um, Louise Weinman. My grandmother, Laura Cohen.

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