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Helen Stransky - January 31, 2008

Life of Brother

And what happened to your brother?

My brother? Um, he well from the time we were in Los Angeles together he'd gone back to Canada and married a gal uh, what was she? A Mennonite background but she's not--has hardly any faith now because my brother is an Agnostic and he sort of...

Converted her.

Yeah. Except that the boys--his sons--were raised in a Presbyterian church.

So you stayed in Los Angeles for five more years.

That's right.

And then what brought you back here again?

Um, I felt I had a better foundation to live here in Israel and that's where I thought God wanted us Jews? What would you say? You'd call me a Messianic believer? Okay.

I suppose so. It's a, it's a wonderful country.

Yup. And there were...

Even with the snow.

And it had a certain amount of freedom although we get a lot of flack from the Yad Leachim. You probably don't know what I'm talking about.

Who are the Yad Leachim?

They're the religious Jews that...

The Orthodox Jews.

Yeah the Orthodox that don't want to know it.


And so then I found my own community. Not, not necessarily that church but other people I've met that are believers like myself.

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