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Irene Sobel - September 8, 1998

Proud of Son

He has been uh, he has a Ph.D. in clinical psych and, you know, Ann Arbor's a very competitive area. I think he's wonderful but it's difficult for him to establish a practice. But writing was his first love. And he had difficulty in finding a agent and difficulty in selling anything, even though that he had wonderful recommendations. Well, he took a different approach and sent a pro...just a first chapter of his book, manuscript, and an outline to about ten agents. Within one week, eight wanted to sign a contract with him, after five years of trying. Then within two weeks the agent had publishing houses competing for it. Not only did he sign a contract with Hyperion for this book, but for the next one he hasn't even started with a very large advance. So I'm overjoyed. And when I ask him, "Danny, what's the book about?" He had a tough time and he said, "Well, a psychological memoir, and mother you are in it." So...

Of course. So it's not fiction, he's not writing fiction.

No, he would--it is--I am not going to read it until it comes out, published. In particularly I don't want to read it because I am writing my--me...sort of memoir, My Life as Naomi. And, Charmed is My Life--and I don't want to be influenced by what Danny has to say in his book.

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