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Irene Sobel - September 8, 1998

Does Not Feel Like a Survivor

And did you ever consider yourself--did you identify yourself as a survivor...

No, no.

...to yourself?

I never...

Do you?

Uh, you know, that was a little something that entered to me with attending some of those uh, children survivors group, of being exposed to them. I never thought of myself as survivor. I did use the term survivor, and a lot of people referred to me as that, "You are a great survivor." But survivor more in the term of the hardships that I experience in life. Not as someone who went through a war, not in this classical survivor team. I've heard many thing, "Irene you are a survivor."

But do you feel that way now? Is it part of your identity?

It has become part of my identity. It's not something I carry in my head or in my pocket on a daily basis. But it is part of my identity. How active of an identity--in day in and day out life I don't think about it. My son, who is a clinical psychologist in Ann Arbor and a writer. I, I don't know if I told you about his great--my great joy in his writing success now.


I don't know if you want it on tape, but...


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