Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sigmund Rubin - January 12, 1982

Hiding V

The barn was divided in two parts, one part for the, for the buggy, you know, to get in. And a big part was for the, all the, the, the, for the crops. And he made, he described the place, you know. So we went out to that little area where he had designated for the wagon. We washed up, I took a shave, you know. All of a sudden, the woman came in and she says, "For God's sake get into your, in the hiding, Germans are, we are surrounded with Germans." Let me tell you, they surrounded the whole area. They were there about eight to ten hours searching for us. There wasn't a place in his uh, farm they didn't look for us. I don't know, it was a miracle, it was a miracle they didn't catch us. We were decided, we decided to kill ourselves because we knew what they going to do with us. Meanwhile, thanks God, they left. They left it was dark already. The farmer wasn't home. He went, went someplace, he went to the mill. When he came back he says, listen kids, they took my brother with, I'm sure they're, they're going to give him a hard time

interruption in interview]

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