Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Berek Rothenberg - May 20, 1984

Medical Experiments in the Camps

No. Were there any uh, medical experiments going on in the, in the camps you were in?

I heard that there was some medical experiments. They want to, they want to--what you call it--the male--or what they want the sperm--what they want uh, I can't express in English. The male uh, what they want--what some people do now here, they going to the doctor and...


Vasectomies. So I heard about that or I didn't--and in the camp where I was, strictly labor camp. Maybe in Auschwitz or in the other, other concentration camps. Those camps where I was we didn't go through these kinds of things. Only if somebody was sick, was very ??? was very hard. If somebody was sick he was--you already marked for dead because the doctors didn't help us, didn't help us. They, they worked with the Germans. If somebody was sick, they sent us in for the sick building and from this building nobody came out. I myself was there when I got typhus. Luckily I got out. Not just me, a few more.

Do you get uh, uh, reparations, money from...


...the German government?

Yes. Yes, I get.

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