Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Berek Rothenberg - May 20, 1984

Learning about Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto

When you were in the camps, did you hear about the resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto?

No. We didn't--I didn't hear. The only--I didn't hear. Only in, I think, in the, in the latest, latest--we didn't get no news. We didn't know no news. We were cut off from the world completely. We didn't get no news. So from the, from the Warsaw Ghetto I didn't know--I just found out after the war. It's a wonderful thing with the Warsaw Ghetto the, the heroes did for us. At least, at least we got a--we can, we can say that uh, that we got a honor. That they didn't go like, like sheeps--they were fighting for the, for the, for the Jewish cause--for everything. Uh, ???. Now I know more about the Warsaw Ghetto whether I knew it in, in the concentration--when I was in concentration camp I didn't have any idea what happened to us.

I notice, I don't see any...


...numbers anywhere.

No, those people that they were in Skarżysko--we didn't get no numbers. The numbers what they got is those were that went to Auschwitz, Birkenau--they got numbers. And then was uh, a concen...another concentration camp in Treblinka, and they used to have a K and a L. So they have a K and L--that the one group and the other group got numbers. Or we--what we were in Skarżysko and Buchenwald, we didn't have no numbers. Dachau we didn't have no numbers.

Were you in Dachau?


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