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Edith Roth - March 28, 1982

Life with Kids in Detroit

And why did you come to Detroit?

Well, we came to Detroit, actually my husband got a job I guess, for a job.

And you have two children?


Three children.

I have two boys and a girl.

And how old are they?

My older son is thirty-three, my Robbie is, let's see how old is he, in the picture with my daughter. My son lives in Huntington Woods.

I must know him.

You have to know him. He just became the vice president in our shul, now uh, where would you know him from? You don't go to B'Nai Moshe.

Sometimes we go.

Sometimes you go?

Well he's married?

He's married and has a child.

Boy or a girl?

A little girl, my first grandchild.

You're very proud of him, I can see.

And my daughter is a pharmacist. She's just graduating from University of Michigan pharmacy and um, her husband's also a lawyer.

And your other son?

My other son is a salesman.

Is he married?

No, my two younger ones are married.

Oh. Well, do you have hopes for them?

Yes, I do.

Do you, when you, when you're with your grandchild, do you think...

Oh God...

of the connection between Europe and here?

My son had a very nice...

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