Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edith Roth - March 28, 1982

Coming to the United States

Mm. And when did you come to the United States?

And we were there four years.

Did you have children while you were there?

One child. We were there four years, lived with paper walls um, we were not hungry and um, we registered in the Czech quota, it was so that they didn't have that many Czech Jews surviving so it wasn't overloaded, so, but we had to produce papers that, that were lost like birth certificates and stuff and we had to go through medical examinations, and took, took four years.

When you came to the United States, did you come to, straight to Detroit?

No, we came to Dallas, Dallas, Texas. We came by, by ship who took, took they, who landed in New Orleans.

Did you have relatives in Dallas?

None, we were, we were, the only Jew who had a relatives who was, who was sponsoring them could, could go where they wanted to go, but the rest were spread wherever they were sent to and we were sent to Dallas. We never heard of it, but we were sent to Dallas.

How long were you in Dallas?

Um, seven years.

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