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Hanna Ramras - January 26, 2008

Sharing Story II

Have you told your children your story?

I wrote the book because I couldn't talk about it to my children. I couldn't.

But they read the book.


And what has happened with the book?

I made five hundred copies and they were sold and that's it. Actually I made that book--I, I wrote that book for my children and then when I heard a few people say that, "That's a book that should be read by other people too and if you're already making a hundred, make five hundred--print five hundred." So we printed five hundred and I think I have a half a dozen books left at home.

And where--if I wanted to order a copy for our library, where would I--would I just send, send to you?

I'll see that you should get one.


Will you be here for long?

'Til the end of the week.

'Til the end of the week, okay.

Um, I assume you've told Sidney about your story--this is nothing new to you--but you haven't talked about it to other people except through the book.

Besides--let's say--I never talked about this to my friends when I was a youngster.

Why not?

Husband: He said, "Why not?"


Husband: He just said, "Why not?"

Look, after I grew up I learned that if you laugh, the world laughs with you and I didn't want to ever be pitied. It didn't help me at all. In my whole life I felt that the last thing that I needed was pity. Help yes, but not pity. There is a time where one should feel pity for people who are totally helpless and need to be pitied. I think the pity of it is now that here in Israel is we have survivors--Holocaust survivors who don't get the money that they should be getting.

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