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Hanna Ramras - January 26, 2008

Returning to Slovakia III

When I got there there was no tombstone, no grave, just flat ground. And I said, "But what happened here?" He said, "I don't know." So, when we left I felt maybe nobody ever did put up a stone here. Who could've put up a stone? My mother perhaps was not in the condition to do so. My aunt, I don't know. There was no sign of a stone--of a head stone. So I asked one of my cousins, the rabbi, what do I do? That's the place--it's registered in, in, in the books there. He said, "Ask Hutchko to see that a stone is put up there in that spot. I will give you the text of what to write on it," and it was done.

What year was this?

This was...

Husband: First time we went was 19...

Wait a minute...

Husband: ...80, 1980, which was... Nineteen eighty, yes. Before we came to Israel. And uh, then this Hutchko sent me a photograph to show that he had had the stone made and that it was in place and we paid him for his services and then we went back again several times and it's Hutchko's daughter who now takes care of the cemetery and we usually through London pay her for her services and she sees to it that uh, that it shouldn't be sort of hidden by all the weeds that grow there shoulder high.

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