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Hanna Ramras - January 26, 2008

Thoughts on Israel

Um, what did you mean, "That's what we had to deal with in Israel"?

Uh, what I mean is that the world today sees Israel in the same light as they saw the Jews in the time of Hitler and they pressure and pressure us to do things that would be the end of Israel. Only when you live here can you feel that. The, the press gives out information or misinformation but we know what is happening here, especially those who have children in the army. They know where they are, they know what they're doing, they know what danger they are in and these stories here--little things like this--they al...they, they come out once in a while if you have someone who is ready to print. It can only be printed in a Jewish publication. It doesn't get printed in a newspaper that way it should be read by everybody. These are daily happenings and our children's and grandchildren's lives are on the line to defend that little that we have. There was once a film called "They Shrunk the Kids" or something like that--that, that was an American movie I guess--they want to shrink the country. They forget to see or to hear clearly that we are not accepted, not by the Fatah, not by the Hezbollah, not by the Hamas, not by anybody of the people support with money and the guns, this terror. So, it is very, very hard to see what is happening in a world that doesn't even want to admit there was such a thing as the Holocaust. Today is uh, it's a National Holocaust Day. It's not--I heard it on the news this morning. I don't--I know who probably went to Poland, a number of representatives--see the news tonight we will know, we will know who went. Today is International Holocaust Day and in many, many places in schools around the world that subject doesn't exist any long or if so it's given in a very superficial way so that many people--youngsters--aren't aware of what, what happened.

But we're trying.

I know.

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