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Hanna Ramras - January 26, 2008

Being Contacted by Family

He married an English young woman and his mother--my aunt--was able to get a letter through from Bratislava to Hungary where she had someone--the border was very close from, from Hungary to Bratislava is not too far from uh, from uh, I don't know, Budapest probably. And this letter was to her son and in that letter she wrote, "Hanna is somewhere in England with Gentiles. Find her." And he couldn't do anything because he was himself a youngster and needed help. After he got married and he had a couple of children already he went to a source that helped him trace me. It was someone in England called Rabbi Dr. Schoenfeld and he was in touch with all the refugees that had come on the Kindertransport. Uh, he wanted to know where they were, many were with non-Jewish families and others were with Jewish families, but a lot of them were being used to work hard.

Like servants.

And uh, so Dr. Schoenfeld found out where I was with Mr. and Mrs. Style and my cousin got their address and wrote to them and told them who he is and that he's been searching for me for quite sometime and now that he has contact with my foster parents he would like to know if they would allow him to contact me because he'd like to let, let me know that I have a relative there. And I didn't know anything about this and then I think they gave him the school address and, uh...

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