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Hanna Ramras - January 26, 2008

Religious Life in England

You said that Mr. Style wanted you to remember that you were Jewish. How did he do that?

Once it was Easter time and of course Easter time there are Easter eggs but he went from Swanage to Bournemouth, which was a big city, looking for matzoh. And he found matzoh and he said, "At Passover time, one eats matzoh and bread."

So they thought they were keeping this alive at least. Some, some people make the connection...

Keeping it alive. As we are moving now very shortly we started to sort out things that we need and things that we don't need. I found a telegram that they sent to me before I left England for Brazil to get married and in this telegram they wished me all the luck in the world. And before I left I went to see them and uh, of course they were older and much frailer, especially my aunt, Mrs. Style. And uh, I tried to keep uh, in touch with them while I was in England and after I had left them--which is a different part of the story--I used to write to them regularly but they didn't answer. They didn't answer--it was too difficult for them. Look, I was at school, I was very happy at school. I went back to Swanage for, for vacations--summer vacations and also uh, uh, Easter vacations and uh, I wasn't aware at all of what was going on between corres...correspondence between Mr. and Mrs. Style and a cousin of mine who was in England. My aunt of the rabbi that I spoke of in Bratislava's eldest son came to England with a group of young students--Yeshiva students. Those were all Orthodox students learning in higher level seminars, which is called a Yeshiva. And uh, he came to the Manchester Yeshiva and uh, I was not aware that I had a cousin in England and uh, this cousin uh, he eventually got married in England--in Manchester.

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