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Saul Raimi - July 7, 1982


How uh, how large was the town?

Town was about twenty-five, twenty-seven thousand people which from Poland at that time was a nice size town.

And uh, what was the Jewish population?

Population was about five to six thousand ???.

And uh, could you tell us more about your uh, education? Was, was--in cheder, was it all rabbis or...

Yes, it was. Well, he called them rabbi, rabbis, but actually rabbi uh, the uh, meaning of rabbi is more of a teacher in the Hebrew. Well, my rabbi went Talmud, Torah uh, which is uh, the ??? to learn, to Talmud, for to teach us Torah I mean and the ??? and, uh... And I went to cheder every day for hours and hours primarily my--primarily to, to learn religion and also secular uh, you had instruction, secular uh, uh, instruction for, uh...

History and...

...history and geography and so on.


And uh, I--as far as I can remember, you know, my school days revolved around learning, learning, and learning. And I would say that ninety percent of that was strictly the Torah. I mean, religious uh, learning.

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