Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Praw - May 22, 1983

Life in Opatów Before the War

Can you tell me something about what you remember of life in Opatów before the war?

Before the war, um. And uh, I didn't remember my father because he died when I was a little girl, I mean, a child for, I don't know, two years or a year. And then um, I went to school for seven years, we were poor people who didn't have too much. Never too much because my mother had to work and make a living for two children, you know, and I--then we had to take grandma to our house too. When I finished school um, I was uh, thirteen and a half or fourteen years old, um, I saw that we lived in poverty and it's nothing too much to eat. I tried to find a job, and I just find a job, a hard job to work, but I was happy that I could help my family and myself 'til the war.

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