Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Michael Opas - [n.d.]

Going to Israel for Sister's Funeral


I keep remembering how, how we grew up together...


...and they're all gone. The only sister who survived died--older--due to sicknesses from, from concentration camp.


She was very, very sick person. She suffered all these years, but--and then finally--she lived in Frankfurt, Germany--but finally she bought, she bought a--of course, she got a--she got from the Germans, uh...


...reparations, yeah. Uh, how do you call it uh, hm, yeah reparation. So they accumulate some money, and, and they--she and her husband--they got both from the Germans. So they bought a little apartment in, in, in Natanya, Israel. And a day before moving she passed away. Yeah, in Germany. But my brother-in-law shipped the body to, to Israel. Yeah, this was my, my first time, my first time went in Israel--to, to the funeral, 19...19...1975.

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