Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Michael Opas - [n.d.]

Hearing Sister is Alive

How did you find out in Landsberg that she had survived?

Because a group of, a group of uh, from, from Theresienstadt came--in Czechoslovakia...


...came a, a transport of people to--into, into Landsberg. And one of them were a, were a schoolmate of mine. He noticed me. I was there--I was already, I was already a little fairly dressed and looked better. So he noticed me and he started calling my name. I said, "My gosh, my name? Somebody, somebody, somebody know me?" I could, could ??? so I ran over him, I said, "Who are you?" "Don't you remember me?" I couldn't recognize him. So he said, "I have regards from you, I was with your sisters together." I had three sisters. I said, "Three, all together? Three sisters? No, that's impossible." I knew one, one was in Warsaw. She was killed so I know--during--she went outside of the ghetto...


...and somebody, somebody, a, a Pole, a Pole went after because she was hiding out as a Polish girl. She dresses Po...a Pole and dyed her hair blonde and she was living as a Pole outside the ghetto. And someone who knew her--a Pole--went to the Gestapo and, and, and reported her and she was killed, as I found out because her husband came--he afterwards came to the ghetto and he told me this. And then I knew I had another sister--my older sister who was living in a different city in To...in Tomaszów. She couldn't be, she couldn't be together with the, with the other sister so I said, "No, it's--some...something is wrong. But he said, "Yes, your sister, you know, the, the dentist's wife." My, my, my brother-in-law was a dentist. Said, "You know, you're dent...the dentist's wife. Your, your older sister." I said, "This is somehow..." I said, I said, "Yeah, you know something, but--you know my sister was married to a dentist. But how could, how could she be with two, two more sisters?" "I don't know," he said, "They gave her--two other girls with them and they were..."

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