Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Michael Opas - [n.d.]

Transport to Landsberg DP Camp

How long were you in Buchenwald after the liberation and--that would be your recuperation? How long did that take?

Oh, I was 'til, I was 'til Au...late August. 'Til late August, yeah. Then we, we, we were transported to Germany--to uh, Landsberg to the DP camp.


Because they--from, the Ger...the Americans from the, from, from the, from the American--from the UNRRA. You know what UNRRA is, no? The United Nations uh, Relief...


There were some people who came, came to us and they get it ??? and they said, "Whoever wants to go back to Poland or to Hungary or whatever--whoever wants to go back to his country stays in, in Buchenwald. But whoever wants to go to America or to Israel has to go to the American zone." The American zone was in Lans...for the, the first stop was Landsberg. Landsberg-am-Lech. So naturally I didn't want to go back to Poland, because I knew I had no...nothing to find in Poland. I knew that all my relatives are dead. So I...

How did you find that out? How did you know that all your family were dead?

I knew because uh, because I knew already. They, they were all in, in Łódź, in ghetto, in the--they were killed, they--no...nobody survived. None of my sisters survived. One sister survived only.


This I found out, this I found out in, in Landsberg, finally.


In Lands...

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