Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nathan Nothman - November 30, 1982

Placing Blame

What I want to add it something--it's not to German pardon, it's not to Germany's to blame, it's the whole world. It's the whole world to blame. If they just go in that, you know, United States or England, the whole world and bomb Auschwitz and tell the Germans--not just the men would be responsible for the, for the, for the, for the things what they're doing there, the women too. Their wives, their wives would be responsible--equal responsible with the German--they would never happened because if a man is a killer, a wife would do something maybe, who knows what. But uh, they didn't, they didn't act. I, I, I wrote a book, The Voice of the Damned--they didn't care. Germany, Germany send it--send a ship, you know, to uh, to Cuba. Cuba didn't want to--Batista didn't--they need money, they want, they, they, they didn't care for human life. United States destroy us, said no, there is no place for you to that uh, send to it, go straight. Wait, wait what happened? Isn't that United States represent? It was modern, most, most beautiful country in the world? No wonder the Germany hate us. There was nobody to, to put word for us. Should United States say to Germany, "Remember, if you don't stop persecuting Jews, you know, everybody will be killed--executed, including your wives." I will hold wife and husband responsible. Or bomb Auschwitz. They were taking months to, months to, to, to, I mean, to bomb the railroad what bring that uh, what bring the people to Auschwitz. They will forget. They say, "Well listen, the whole world doesn't care. So what we care?" No, United States have--well, we're supposed to make it to law. We're supposed to put this to Senate and to Congress. Before the Senate or Congress will take over, it'll take six months or eight months--it's too late. They, they, they should act now, now! Not tomorrow. Tomorrow's too late! Now! That's what I can't understand.

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