Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nathan Nothman - November 30, 1982

Health Conditions

Was there much sickness? Was there much sickness?

Yes. My sister had a typhus. There was a lot of sickness. I remember I have on my neck--I cannot explain it--there was a wound that inside was a roots, you're supposed to take this out, I mean, take--and when they took one out, five came back. And in fact--one--my neck was completely--from, from dead to my body to my soul. I do remember that I, that we help each other. Our body was just dissolve. There's no soul--there's no washing that--there's nothing, they're just killing and killing and killing and killing and killing. And what am I going to do? We were worse than animals. Animals I would treat much, animals much better that, that--now we live in a, in a country where a person is a person is recognized human being--no difference in race or color or anything. But not what happened to us. That should never happen. That was--they should never, never, never happen and that should never happen again. We should teach our children and explain it. And I sit with my grandchildren and my children and tell them and explain it, how it was in the war. But I'm proud to be a Jew. I suffered too much, but I'm proud to be a Jew.

Was there any medical experiments in any of the camps that you were in that you know of?

Not by us. In Kraków-Płaszów there was, there was no--what I know, I know there was a Dr. ??? And I can't tell--I don't know. But I was there once. I was there once and got shot here. I forgot it. Here or here someplace--I forgot it where. So luck was running that's all, I just went and he just put a bandage on it and fix it up. That's the only thing what happened but I don't remember this. A lot of people who run away they were, they were killed. I mean, they wanted to escape they were killed by the--it just killing and killing. Göeth--he should not be hanged by the Russians. He should be tortured for many, many years.

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