Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Auschwitz--Deportation of Family I

So they went back to Mlawa?

Yeah, I smuggled them back.

But, but there was a ghetto in Mlawa, too, right?

Yeah, but it was better than Warsaw, you know.

And, what happened to them there?

Uh, well, they come with the transports. They took them away to Auschwitz. It was 1942, October. They start to take the tr...transports, you know, of the Jews with the cattle trains. So we wind up in Auschwitz.

Were you with them when they were taken?

Yeah. We come to Auschwitz, anybody looked young, they put them on this side. Anybody they didn't like. What's his name, Mengele, you know. He was a selector, put them on this side, ride on trucks right to the crematorium.

Links and recht.

I wind up in Auschwitz, you know. I was young. Yeah, but see in, in Auschwitz it was strange how long I get on. I have good memory. I can remember things from fifty years, names too. So when we got, I got to Auschwitz, after three, four months, I got sick. I couldn't function, you know. You know, I'd have, I got like sores under my arms on both sides, going and coming you know, like little pigeon eggs, you know. In German they're called abscesses. And I used to go, and one time, I have no choice, I have to go to the, to the ambulance. You know, the morning before the work. I couldn't go, I couldn't move. It was hurting me. So they cut it off my hand. They cut it, like this. I come back after two, after two, three days, come back, you know and I come back here. Their claim was I, I had infection in my glands, cause I had blood, you know.

But you had been working in Auschwitz for a few months before this happened?


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