Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Traveling I

Did you go back to Poland?

I wouldn't go in there if they pay me. One thing, I never, never went to Germany, never went to Poland. And I travel lots. I'll tell you how I went to Casablanca. I meet in Italy, in a nightclub, one night. I was the type, you know, easy going, easy coming, easy coming, easy going. So, I was...I see in front of me in a table, three woman. They're talking French, you know, pretty good looking. So, I tell the waiter to, to get...to send them over a bottle of champagne. So they come over and talk to me. They say, "Can we sit down?" I say, "Yeah." This happened, one girl was pretty good night. She was from Paris. She worked for the Vogue Magazine, you know, Vogue, French Vogue magazine, woman's magazine? And she worked, she worked in the department uh, mode, la mode, you know, style. I have a date with the other night, you know, we went out to eat. You know, talk was so easy. "Hey, do you want to go into Casablanca? I got a ticket for two." I tell her everything paid. She say open there are new cafes. They open on Saturday nights. So, I have to go and meet her and have a write up, you know, with her there, you know, the woman. And just like this I had a passport. Didn't take me no time. I decide things in minutes, you know. On the way back, this time we stop in Lebanon, you know, Beirut. Where are they? You know, it turned out she was a Jewish girl, too. Her name was Monique Jargot.

A French Jew?

Yeah. She was not with the Jewish, oh no. She was saved during the war. She was, she was in a farm, something, where they make wine. I had a date in Italy for a while, Sophia Loren's sister, you know. Sophia Loren's sister.


And after, in Milan someone introduce her to me. An Italian guy introduce her to me.

Was this in Rome? You were in Rome?

No, she lived in Milan.

In Milan.

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