Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Ebensee II

Tell me about it.

This Ebensee was a very small place. It's right in the sticks, you know. There's nothing else in there. See, I lied up in, in hospital, too. I got sick. I got, got physical. I couldn't walk no more. I was all done. I couldn't walk. And they have us lay three in a bed, three in a bed. This was close...This was in '45. I was liberated in May, you know, May the seventh.

Tell me more about Ebensee. What was it like in the hospital?


What happened there?

They was killing each other, you know.

The prisoners?

We go crazy.

Did you see prisoners kill each other?


Did you see them killing each other? You said the prisoners were killing each other?


Can you tell me about that?

They ??? with an object, a metal object and hit each other, you know.


We was hungry, you see, desperate.

For food?

You know, a human being can be like an animal, like a, like a tiger, you know, when he's hungry.

You were hungry. What did you do?

I didn't eat. I bite my fingers. You know what happened one time was, I think, it wasn't me, so they had on the loud speaker, you know, nobody should be on the, on the clocks, you know. Meantime the terror, you know. Walk around. They expect a right, you know. They expect a enemy right, you know. They don't want nobody to be in nobody's bunk. This was when they left. In the morning when we wake up, you see, nobody stays on guard. All the guards left in the night, you know. And they was closing in. American was closing in.

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