Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Religious Beliefs and Story II

He had a what with God?

He gotta bring God to court. "He's a war criminal," he used to say. So, they say, "What'd he said," and I used to translate him, you know. He was a young guy, but all the same. And he tell once one guy. He say, "How can you believe in Jesus Christ?" He say, "Jesus Christ was a bastard and the Holy Mary was a prostitute. How can you believe in it," he asked him. "You doing it for money, yeah?" And they like to talk to him, too.

When he said that God had to have a trial, what did the priest say?


When the man said that God was a war criminal?

Yeah, well, he, God said should be brave to try, just like other, like a war criminal. But if he is a person, he could've helped and he didn't help the peoples, you know. He just like, you should bring it to him like, like a war criminal, you see, too.

So, what did the priest say?

You know, one day he say, "You know, I almost find him, God. I was in this church and I see, he see me, he run out the window. He was right there, you know, looking at me, looking at me and out the window. He was afraid I was going to catch him."

The man said that?

Honest to God, you know. That's just how the people lived. I wasn't very religious before. And I don't believe in no religion. There's no such a thing. There's no such thing there.

You said your mother told you to trust in God?

Yeah. She told me, "Trust in God." Like here. Don't they have here on the money, trust in God, on the silver dollar? Trust in God, yeah? In, in Auschwitz, you know, they were so hungry, the prisoners, you know, they eat grass. They cooked grass, just...you know. The long grass they pulled out and they put it in water and boil it, you know and eat it with a little salt. And everybody got constipated, you know, for days. They come to me. I used to steal some kind of pills. I don't know. If it was good enough to get you a loose stomach, you know. You see, I could steal everything I wanted in the, in the hospital. I just went into the cabinet, you know, just took whatever I want.

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