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Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Auschwitz--Camp Life III

The following is part three of an interview with Abraham Mondry at his home in Oak Park, Michigan on the morning of June 29, 1992. The interviewer is still Sidney Bolkosky.

Let, let me ask you uh, did you work in what was called the Himmelblau?

In what?

In the Himmelblau.

In the Himmelblock?

Himmelblau. H-Block. Is that what the Krankenstübe was called?


Himmelblau. Himmel heaven.

Yeah, I know. Yeah.

Was... was that the name of the block? You didn't work in that block, um...

You know where the Himmelblau, why they call it? In the Himmel, where they were.

That's not where you were, though.

No, I was certainly in nursing though when I was inside in Auschwitz. I, I only worked three months, I tell you the truth. I was inside, you know. I had a good job. That's why I survived. My job was more like a privilege job.

You mean the job with Mengele?

Yeah. Yeah, I didn't have to stay in the morning, in the night for the Appell when they have to count everybody. We, we, we went wherever, in the, in the, on the, on the downstairs in the corridor, you know. And the S.S. the, they, they, they just... So many, so many here. The rest he call, he commanded we... They were working.

Um, you worked with, you worked with Mengele for how long?

Three years.

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