Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Auschwitz--Mengele's Experiments I

Was Mengele doing experiments on these people?

On some, yeah. In another block they make experiments.

But not in the block you were in. There was just, just a surgical block.

We used to go over there.

To the other block. Were there twins there?

Yeah, on men's. In Block 20. You know in that block. They call it Block 10. It was right in the back of--and up and up. It was where they used to make the woman. They make experiments on the woman. There was woman from, from Greece, you know, different, different countries.

Do you know what kind of experiments they did?

I know they had some civilians doctors, used to come. I don't know. Yeah, I know what kind of experiments. They, they injected some kind of serum. They wanted to bring up a pure Aryan race, you know. They want to bring up a, a pure Aryan race, you know, through experiments. It's a funny thing, I had one...a German Jew laying on my, on, on my block, an older man. He was, at this time he was in the late fifty. And he didn't want to tell me that he was Jewish. He say, "I'm a Mischlinge," you know. You know Mischlinge in German?

Yeah, mixed.

Well, they used to make fun of him, the other kids. Yeah, he was the Mischlinge. He was Gemischt. They used to call him Yiddish, Gemischt. And one time he told Mengele, why they don't let him to the sanitarium and he can erholen. You know what erholen means? In German, erholen. He has to get better, you know?

Ah, he has to heal.

He's gotta get help here.

He has to heal. Right.

Yeah, he sent him, he sent him to the whole crematorium. He was so the German-Jew. He was so, you know, they still believe so much in the, in the, in the Germans.

In Deutschland?

In Deutschland. I'll tell you, I have no use for the German-Jews all together. After they bring, they brought some to Dachau, some, a bunch of criminals, some German-Jew, what was the name, Meyer. That son-of-a-bitch. He killed more people in the room, they make him Kapo. He was a political prisoner.

But a Jew?

Yeah, he was a Jew. His name was Meyer. He was no good.

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