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Ben Moche - April 24, 2009

Landing in Israel

What do you remember about coming to Israel, landing in Israel on the ship? Do you recall?

Well, first I find out the other people speak the language I speak, they Hebrew. My parents didn't so, I was the big macher, you know.

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

You know uh, being a translator. But when we got to Israel...


It wasn't as good as we thought it was going to be.


Because uh, they put us in tents...


You know, and then they moved us to a place called Ramle, you know, which is a Arabic city. And, and, and at that time there was still fighting going on, you know, with the tank. And there was no work.


And there was no food.

Hm. Was it hard...

But we felt safe.

What do you mean you felt safe, can you explain that?

Well, I went to school. I, I, I, I didn't have to identify myself as a Jew, everybody was a Jew, okay. Uh, we were not afraid for my neighbors that are going get drunk.


And take it out on the Jews, you know. Um, there was no Hitler anymore.


Which we understood at that time, so basically uh, we felt that we are on our way to prosperity.


Which took a long time to get there, but, uh.

Mm-hm. Let me go back also, how did you learn Hebrew, the language, yourself as a, who taught you Hebrew? How did you...

Um, I went to school and uh, in Wegscheid, you know, we'd been there for a year and a half, almost two years. And I went to school besides my parents hired me a private tutor too, but I went to school and the school was in Hebrew.

Mm-hm. Who, who ran the school?

I don't know, must have been the Joint again.

The Joint, mm-hm.


So that's where you learned to become fluent in Hebrew?

Oh yeah.



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