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Ben Moche - April 24, 2009

Going to Israel

Because, because we were Jews, that's was the Jewish country, this, this, this is the place where nobody's gonna hurt us.

Mm-hm. [pause] And when did you arrive to Israel?

We, we, we couldn't get into Israel because, you know, because uh, everybody that went to Israel got caught and sent to Cypress. And my uncle was a prisoner in Cypress, you know. Because he went, he went with a different group called Hachshara.


You know?


Uh, we went to Israel um, right after the Declaration of Israel, which was in May or something like that, as a country.


Uh, we got to Israel probably around August, I think like that. And then we went from Wegscheid to Germany, from Germany to Italy by train to a place called Venice. And from Venice they had a ship that used to be animal ship...


You know. And they turned that into a...


Ship and we ended up uh, we ended up in uh, in the port of Tel Aviv ???.


Which, you know, is not a port today anymore.

Uh-huh. So how old were you then when you arrived?

To Israel?


I was seven...


Seven and a half. Yeah.

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