Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lucy Glaser Merritt - July 8, 1991

Children II

[interruption in interview]

They, they probably will know nothing. Yeah. Because that daughter isn't the one who is particularly interested. And I, I don't think their background will have much of a message for them. For them, it is so far removed from me. They're in Chicago. If they will be old enough, if I'm still alive, they're right now three and two, that I will tell 'em about it. But otherwise no one else would.

Maybe they'll learn about it in school.

Yeah, they may hear about it at school, but it wouldn't quite have the personal touch or maybe it will because they would know about me.

Maybe they'll listen to this tape.

[laughs] Sure. Those kids don't listen to anything.

Well, not at three and two. But.



No, they don't sit down a minute. They're too young. Although I have memories of my grandmother and I was four when she died. I have some very clear memories of that place. It was so, so primitive. You had a, a well that you wound up.

In Galicia.

Yes. And uh, in this-that little village, everybody knew everyone. Not by my name, but I was so-and-so's grandchild. That's how they identified me. It was a very different type of life where everyone knew everyone.

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