Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lucy Glaser Merritt - July 8, 1991


You have children.

Yes, three.

And so, what do them know about this?

Well, I've told them some of it. I didn't want to be morbid. Uh, I didn't let them watch the TV when Eichmann was on because I didn't think that children need to know that sort of thing. Uh, they know the facts, that the family is gone. And they know the fact that we lost you know, everything like everybody else did. But since my husband is not Jewish they uh, they don't take it quite as personal. My one daughter is more along those lines. She's more interested. And I was interested to see that my niece-my brother married a Portuguese woman uh, that my niece wanted to see the synagogue, the first synagogue in Tomar in Portugal that has just been uncovered. So she has an interest in it.

Uh, so they don't know the personal details.

No, no.

Same reason. You didn't want to.

Well, I sometimes feel it's not good for children, but uh, the oldest one did go to a Holocaust memorial. She did go. The other one doesn't seem to have an interest, I haven't pushed it. They are certainly aware of the background and my father was a marvelous grandfather, so they have a very positive association with him. But they uh, the first daughter does seem to be interested in it.

How old are they?


How old are they?

How old is she?

The children, how old are your children?


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