Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

John Mandel - May 26, 1981


Trying to hear what that noise is.

And, of course, uh, that's when I was liberated. And that particular day happened to be May the 5th, 1945, and that was my birthday. May the 5th, 1945. Very nice birthday present.

You weren't kidding. Were you aware of what day it was before they liberated you?

No. But uh, uh, we uh, we found out later that that was May the 5th. I didn't know, actually I didn't know it was my birthday until approximately uh, maybe a week later when we actually, when we were getting, we're starting to regain some of our strength, we started asking different questions and that's when I found out that the date that we liberated on was May the 5th.

Do you know what people were called that were all but skin and bone?

They were called Musselmen.

Is that the pronunciation?


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