Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Resistance Movement 2

Also, my brother. He was only thirteen years and he was very good-looking and looked... I, I look exactly like Jew girl. He was like uh, most like Russian. Not very express his appearance, you know, like a Jew. So, he go to wire nighttime, go over--I don't know how he go--and to village and change something like, like watch, clocks, whatever he find at home for food for Mom and for me for food. And he bring eggs or candy a little bit...

How did he get out of the ghetto?


How did he get out?

He, he didn't get out.

So, where did he exchange the...

He, he... After that, he, he, he never tell to Mom what he's doing and Mom didn't... never ask him, "Where you go? Where go?" So, he, he start to be very independent and he was very brave and he was a student. He was smart because I know that he in school was excellent student. So, he said, "Mom, Mom," he kiss her and he left. And we never know what... Then after we understand he was uh, conception, conception? Between ghetto and forest. So, he goes to forest, they give him assignment, he comes to ghetto, and he get what they want. Uh, regular his task was to find some of the floor, of the ground, to uh, metal, metal parts, and he collected and then he sent it to forest where they melt, melt and make uh, about uh, the partisans. So, he knew... He, he performed, he performed very risky, very dangerous role between ghetto because he was young and not, not... They not pay attention too much for, for this kind.

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