Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Resistance Movement


What did you think was happening? The Germans came into the town. There, there were what, 50,000 Jews in, in Minsk? Lar... A large population of Jews?

Real large population of the ??? Minsk was capable and Minsk was... That time I did not ??? like now, how many people I can say or can find in book. Minsk ghetto, I have that book. That very popular book where he describe, describe population and how people go in partisan. That I remember, that many people suddenly disappear. Not many, some people disappear from my house and from around and I see children play or, or they uh, take care of each other without adult. And I ask my, my mom, "Mom, where Isaac?" Isaac was my youngest uncle. She said, "Don't ask. Don't ask anything, okay, what, what happened." Uh, uh, later I understand he uh, it was under floor organization. And they tried to get...


Resistance, yeah. And they start to, start to resist people uh, uh, people's help get out from ghetto in forest, in woods. It was very, very risky. And, so he was ??? He run out... run away from ghetto. Isaac. And he was later, I know, he was partisans. He was nineteen years, twenty years and he destroyed five German trains with V-bombs and last time they killed him. He was killed. And he was buried in uh, country, area in Belorussia. That I know, what I remember where he go. Isaac ???

This is your uncle.

My uncle. He uh, he mentioned... his name mentioned in this book.

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